Schedule & Shabbat Sheet

Congregation B’nai Torah proudly offers Shacharit, Mincha, and Maariv (morning, afternoon, and evening services) every day, 365-days a year.  We warmly welcome your participation!

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If you have difficulty opening the links above, note that the following schedule applies to a typical weekTimes vary for holidays (Jewish & secular), fast days, and other special occasions.


Mon/Thurs  6:50am       Tue/Wed/Fri  7:00am       Shabbat  9:00am      Sun  8:00am

Mincha & Ma’ariv

Approx.  Sept. – April:  Sunday – Friday Mincha begins 15-minutes before sunset. Ma’ariv begins shortly after Mincha.  

Approx. May – August:  Sunday-Thursday Mincha begins 15-minutes before Plag HaMinchah*, and Friday Mincha remains fixed at 7pm.  Ma’ariv begins shortly after Mincha.

Year-round: Shabbat Mincha begins 25-min. before sunset, followed by Se’udah Shlishis (Third Meal) and Ma’ariv begins at nightfall (42-min. after sunset.)  

Please see calendar links above for accurate times and/or call the shul office at 413-567-0036.

Weekday Minyan Breakfast There’s nothing like fresh coffee and eggs in the morning.  Thanks to our devoted volunteer chefs, we enjoy a daily breakfast immediately after morning services Sunday through Friday.  Join us for bagels, spreads, eggs, OJ, and New England’s finest coffee.  Click here to learn about sponsoring breakfast in honor/memory of someone.

Forest Park Minyan To accommodate our membership living in the Forest Park neighborhood of Springfield, we maintain Shabbat and Holiday services in the beis midrash (chapel) of the former Kodimoh Synagogue at 124 Sumner Ave., Springfield.  For further information about this special, heimishe minyan, please speak with Rabbis Wolff or Davis, or Gabba’im Sam Pava, Ira Nathanson, or Bob Dashevsky.

Jewish Nursing Home Minyan We are proud of our community’s efforts to bolster the Shabbat/Holiday minyan at the Jewish Nursing Home, 770 Converse St., Longmeadow.  Please speak with Rabbi Davis to get involved.

* For more on Plag-haMincha see: