Classes & Jewish Educational Resources

Whether we are tots, teens, or talmidei chachamim (scholars), we strive always to further our Jewish studies.  Join us!  All are welcome.  No charge and no prior educational background necessary.


  • Weekdays after Shaharit breakfast  with Rabbi Yaffe
  • Weekdays Between Minha and Maariv Bite Size Halakha – Short presentation on the Jewish laws of Prayer
  • Shabbat afternoon, 1-hr prior to Mincha  (Eunice Dr.) Talmud Class with  Tuvia Pollack
  • Shabbat afternoon, 30-min. prior to Mincha (Sumner Ave.) Topics and presenters vary.  If you would like to teach please contact the shul office  Senior Gabbai, Sam Pava.
Other Learning Opportunities can be arranged individually