Classes & Jewish Educational Resources

Rabbi Yaffe’s Classes

I.     Childrens Judaic Enrichment: No Class this week

II.   Torah in Depth:     A lively, interactive, exploration of the weekly portion:Tuesday 02/13  7:30 PM

III. NEW CLASS:  Not just Stories New perspectives on the Midrash

Discuss the weekly Torah portion from the  perspectives of the Midrashim  –Thursdays 1 pm @ B’nai Torah library

IV.  What did Maimonides really say? NEW CLASS: Maimonides on Ideal Character and how get there.This week: We will begin an exciting exploration of Maimonides’ “Shemonah Perakim” -The Eight Chapters on Human Character
Exploring one of Judaism’s greatest and most misquoted figures:  Thursday 2/15  7:30 PM

V. Daily Torah on weekdays (S-F)
After Shacharit: 3 minutes on Halacha (Jewish Practice)At Breakfast: 8 Minutes of Mishnah/  Between Minchah and Maariv:  5  minutes on the Weekly Torah portion

Other Learning Opportunities can be arranged individually
Everyone has something to teach us! Please contact the shul office or click HERE to volunteer to teach a class.


Yael Hoffman Hebrew Class

Sundays 6:00 pm, B'nai Torah Library

Chess Academy,  Instructor USCA Tyler RUSH

Wednesdays 5;30 pm - 6:30 pm

Ping pong Academy, instructors USTTA Level 2 Ernie Virgo, USTTA  Greg Yashgur level 1

Thursdays  6:30  pm - 7:30  pm