Rabbi  Shlomo Yaffe is the Rav Hamachshir  (Supervising Rabbi)
Mashgichim are Avie Friedman and Alan Lerman.  (Field Supervisors)
The Vaad board consists of the following members:
Arie Shteyntsayg – President
Ken Gorenstein – Treasurer
Izzy Gessin – member
Bob Kushner – member
Mary Nathanson -member
Joseph Singer -member



The Massachusetts Kosher Commission (MKC) formerly known as the
Springfield Vaad Hakashruth (SVK)
is pleased to announce the following list of establishments that are under our supervision for 2018-2019.  

The MKC is a subsidiary of Congregation B’nai Torah,  a 501 (C)(3) tax exempt religious organization, just as the SVK was.  Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe is the Rav Hamachshir (supervising rabbi). Arie Shteyntsayg, President, Ken Gorenstein, Treasurer.  Izzy Gesin, Bob Kushner , Mary Nathanson and Joe Singer are board members. Mashgichim (Kosher supervisors) are Avie Friedman and Alan Lerman.  The MKC adheres to globally

accepted  Halachic standards of  Kashrut.

Each establishment on the following list has particular parameters to its kosher supervision, therefore

please read the language carefully.

With the exception of Tech Aire and UMASS kosher dining, none of the establishments are kosher for


This is a comprehensive list. All updates will be disseminated promptly to the community. We are continuing the use of the SVK logo until further notice. A new logo for the MKC will be phased in over time in the

near future.

In response to many inquiries please note, the Jewish Nursing Home (JGS Lifecare), Ruth’s House and all

associated entities. are not under the supervision of the MKC.


For all inquiries, please contact Rabbi Yaffe at


Al’s Beverage                    All beverage products are under the MKC


Catering by Cheryl  Blonder   Kosher Catering is under the supervision of the MKC when the food is

                                                            prepared at the B’nai Torah Synagogue kitchen. A date specific letter or    

                                                            email from the Mashgiach will be required.


Catering by Meital                    Kosher Catering is under the MKC supervision when the food is prepared at      

                                                           the B’nai Torah Synagogue kitchen. A date specific letter or email from the

                                                           Mashgiach will be required.


Chez Josef                  Events out of the Kosher kitchen catered from the Agawam location are under MKC


Diana’s Bakery            All pre-packaged pastry items bearing the SVK-D or SVK Dairy logo are under MKC supervision. In addition, at the retail bakery in Enfield (35 Pearl St., Enfield)

                                             all cakes and pastry items are under MKC supervision and are kosher dairy. All breads and rolls are not under our supervision.


Essellon Coffee Roasters    All packaged coffee is under the MKC supervision.


Heart of the Harvest        All  packaged vegetables are kosher. Inspection for tola’im (insects etc.)

                                                    is the responsibility of the end user where deemed necessary by Jewish Law.


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High Lawn Farm Dairy     All milk and cream is under the MKC supervision, 535 Summer St, Lee, MA


Indigo Coffee Roasters     All packaged coffee is under the MKC supervision.


JCC (Only Vi’s Cafe)       All food at Vi’s cafe in the Springfield JCC is under the MKC supervision. Some   

                                                  items are dairy. No other facilities at the JCC are supervised by the MKC.


Masse’s Seafood        Kosher varieties of whole fish maybe purchased cleaned and cut under the  

                                           observation of the buyer using the designated kosher knife and board. Kosher knife   

                                           and board will be cleaned and stored separately.  List of Kosher fish can be found on

                                           the website of the OU and other Kashrut organizations. 1329 Memorial Drive, Chicopee, MA


National Yiddush Book Center     MKC supervision covers catered events at the center. The caterer must

                                                                     have an event specific letter from the MKC. This also applies to        

                                                                     caterers not under MKC supervision but can be approved by the MKC.


Nut Lady                                All nuts are under the MKC supervision, Albany, NY


Pierce Bros. Coffee           All packaged coffee is under the MKC supervision.


RAO’s Coffee                        All packaged coffee is under the MKC supervision.


Rondeau’s Ice Cream       All ice cream and toppings are kosher dairy. This excludes all hot toppings and   

                                                   sauces. No other items in the store are kosher, 1300 Ware St, Palmer, MA


Tech Air                                All gas products are under MKC supervision.


UMass                               Only the kitchen deemed “Kosher” is under MKC supervision.  It is in the

                                             Franklin Commons dining hall, 260 Stockbridge Rd, Amherst, MA