Saturday, May 19th (Erev Shavuot)
Shacharit              9:00am
Eunice Drive Shabbat Class with Tuvia Pollack                6:40pm
Forest Park Shabbat Class with Rabbi Wolff                7:10pm
Mincha                7:40pm
Overview of Shavuot with Q &A Study (No Seudah Shlisheet)                8:00pm
Maariv                8:45pm
Candle Lighting no earlier than                8:58pm
Light Kiddush/Dairy Meal               9:15pm
Tikun Leyl Shavuot- Learn the night away with local Rabbis               9:30pm-12:00am
Study on your own refreshments, lights and library provided Personal Study             From midnight



Sunday, May 20th (Shavuot –Day 1)
Shacharit             9:00am
Correction- Book of Ruth is read on Monday
Pre- Torah reading program w/ treats Children’s program            10:00 am
Gourmet Dairy Meal             12:00pm
Concurrent children’s program Community members

present on Book of Ruth

            1:00pm- 2:30pm
Mincha             7:50pm
Candle Lighting no earlier than             8:59 pm



Monday, May 21st (Shavuot –Day 2)
Shacharit            9:00am
CORRECTION Book of Ruth followed by Torah reading            9:45am
Yizkor approx.            10:30am
Mincha            7:50pm
Havdalah            9:00pm

Classes at B’nai Torah

Tuesday Night class cancelled due to Rabbi Yaffe attending the convention.  Classes for Thursday are as scheduled!

Coming soon: New Course- The Great Books of Judaism, Part 1 : The Prophets

Not just Stories

New perspectives on the Midrash: Discuss the weekly Torah portion from the
perspectives of the Midrashim  –Thursday – 1 pm @ B’nai Torah library 
This week’s topic: One disease-many causes!

 What did Maimonides really say? Maimonides on Ideal Character and how to get there.  An exciting exploration of Maimonides’ “Shemonah Perakim” -The Eight Chapters on Human Character
Exploring one of Judaism’s greatest and most misquoted figures:  Thursday  – 7:30 PM 

Daily Torah on weekdays (S-F)
After Shacharit: 3 minutes on Halacha (Jewish Practice) At Breakfast: 8 Minutes of Mishnah  /  Between Minchahand Maariv:  5  minutes on the Weekly Torah portion


The B’nai Torah Knitting Club Our next meeting will be Wednesday, May 23rd , 7-8:30 
No experience necessary, contact Connie Ryder (413-754-3794) if there are questions. or to talk about how to get started with materials if just beginning to knit.
Upcoming knitting dates:   June 20.

Weekly Hebrew Classes Sundays 6:30pm-7:30pm

All levels are welcome.

Instructor: Yael Hoffman  413-885-1538

Watch for our summer concert featuring a live film of Leonard Bernstein playing with the New York Philharmonic at B’nai Tanglewood. More details to follow!!!!