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Our community has so much to offer, whether you’re a longtime resident, considering a move, or just passing through. Explore the links below and feel free to call for further details.

Considering a move to the area?  We want to help!  Contact us and let us know if you are available to accept a special Shabbat hospitality invitation.  413-567-0036 /

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Jewish Community Resources – See Below

Jewish Community Resources

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Jewish Schools

In addition to nationally acclaimed public schools, our community boasts several excellent Jewish day schools for children pre-k through high school.

Jewish Community Center   temp1

World class fitness facilities and instructors, continuing education courses for all ages, social gatherings, outings, pre-school, afterschool, summer camp, and much more.  And don’t miss Vi’s Kosher Coffee Korner in the main lobby!

The JCC also houses offices for of the following:  Jewish Federation of Western MA,  Anna P. Housen Israel Desk,  Jewish Family ServicesRachel’s Table Food Donation

Kosher Food

Our local supermarkets carry an abundance of kosher food under reliable hashgachah (supervision.)

Where can I find kosher meat & cheese?

Stop & Shop in East Longmeadow (470 N. Main St.) carries the largest local selection of kosher meat and cheese including Empire, Mealmart, Of Tov, Millers, HaOlam, Migdal and other brands. Kosher meat is also available at Shoprite in Enfield, CT (40 Hazard Ave.)  Larger selection and special kosher deli sections are available 30-minutes away at West Hartford’s Crown Market (2471 Albany Ave.) and the adjacent Big Y supermarket (772 N. Main St.)  Additionally, several times a year, our shul places a bulk order for large quantities of meat trucked in from NYC.  Please call the shul office (413-567-0036) to join that e-mail list.

Do you have a kosher bakery?

Yes, several!  Diana’s Bakery, 35 Pearl St., Enfield, CT is under SVK (Springfield Vaad HaKashruth) supervision.

Stop & Shop, 470 N. Main St., East Longmeadow has a kosher bakery department under KVH kosher supervision.

Alex’s Bagel Shop, (786 Williams St., Longmeadow) has excellent kosher bagels.  Only the bagels & cream cheese are certified kosher by SVK.

What about kosher ice cream?

Most flavors of Friendly’s Ice Cream are certified kosher by KVH.  Friendly’s branches are located at 65 Sumner Ave. Springfield, 562 N. Main St., East Longmeadow, and numerous other locations.  (Note – Toppings are not necessarily kosher.)

For some exceptional off-the-beaten-track New England scoops, drop by Rondeau’s Dairy Barn (1300 Ware St., Palmer, MA)  Most flavors are certified by SVK, ask for the ‘Kosher List’.  (Note – Toppings are not necessarily kosher.)

Jewish Geriatric Services   temp

Includes the Jewish Nursing Home, Ruth’s House assisted living, and Genesis House subsidized housing.  Note – The Jewish Nursing Home and Ruth’s House are ‘self-certified’ kosher facilities with some advisement from Rabbi Yaffe.



Our 12-mile Community Eruv covers parts of Longmeadow, East Longmeadow, and Springfield, and is under the halachic supervision of Rabbi Chaim Jachter

Click here for the Eruv website and map.   Note – The map is intended for quick reference and does not necessarily reveal where boundary wires cross from one side of the street to the other.  Please call Rabbi Yaffe or a member of the Eruv Team with any questions about specific areas.

To receive the Friday email about the status of the Eruv (Up or Down), please send an email to 



A fully functional mikvah is available at 1104 Converse St., Longmeadow.  Please call 413-567-1607 for appointments and information.  We recommend the Nishmat Women’s Health & Halachah website for additional information about taharat hamishpachah (family purity) and a confidential women’s hotline.